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$790 – The all mighty HC panel for licenced producer product release. We can hardly believe what labs are charging for this service these days, but operating as a small business means lower overheads and that we can work with tighter margins to honor our awesome pricing and discount programs. Everything needed to satisfy Health Canada is included.

Happy to fill  a vendor onboarding form, to provide our licence, ISO9001 certificate, and validation study for your files, and to collaborate with your quality assurance team as needed.

Depending on the number of samples, results are typically available within  10 business days.

Minimum Sample Sizes

Flower: 15 g

Biomass: 30 g




$60 – Canvas Labs tests for d9-THC, CBD, d8-THC, THCV, CBG, CBN, CBC.

Add THCa, CBDa, and CBGa for +$30.

We use high-pressure liquid-chromatography (HPLC) and gas-chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC-FID) for measuring potency. Both technologies have their advantages, and we’ll run the most appropriate based on the type of sample.

Pure cannabinoid standards are used to calibrate our equipment, and sample specific internal standards are prepared to achieve optimal chromatographic resolution and detail.

Results are typically available within a few business days, but 1-2 day rush potencies are available on request.

Minimum Sample Sizes

Flower: 2 g

Oil/Concentrates/Extracts: 1 g or ml


$60Canvas Labs performs a Gas Chromatography analysis with  39 prominent cannabis terpene targets, giving a great picture of the sample’s flavour and odour profile.

What’s that, you want to see the list of terpenes? Well alright, here we go:

  • Alpha-pinene, Camphene, Beta-pinene, Sabinene, Delta-3-carene, Alpha-phellandrene, Beta-myrcene, Alpha-terpinene, Delta-limonene, Eucalyptol, Ocimene, Gamma-terpinene, Ro-cymene, Terpinolene, Fenchone, Sabinene-hydrate, Camphor, Linalool, Alpha-cedrene, Isopulegol, Fenchol, Beta-caryophyllene, Menthol, R-positive-pulegone, Isoborneol, Alpha-humulene, Terpineol, Borneol, Valencene, Geranyl-acetate, Farnesene, Nerol, Geraniol, Caryophyllene-oxide, Cis-nerolidol, Trans-nerolidol, Guaiol, Cedrol, Alpha-bisabolo.

Results are typically available within a few business days, but  a rush service is available on request.

Minimum Sample Sizes

Flower: 2 g

Oil/Concentrates/Extracts: 1 g or ml


Canvas Labs uses validated USP and EP methods for  safety testing, Health Canada compliance testing, and product release

  • Microbials: $30-$120 – Methods satisfying USP 61, EP 5.1.4 and 5.1.8. Rapid semi-quantitative testing on total aerobic bacteria (TAB), total yeast and mold (TYM), and Bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria, and rapid qualitative testing on Salmonella spp., and E. coli spp.. Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus aureus testing available on request.
  • Heavy Metals: $90 – Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) testing for Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and Cadmium is as precise as it gets. We can also test your input materials to help troubleshoot failed samples.
  • Pesticides: $350 – We run a 96-banned pesticides analysis for HC product release with our brand new Qsight Triple-Quad LC-MS/MS (AKA: Sauron, the All-Seeing-Eye) to report on agricultural pesticides, or we can screen homegrown for 12 common household pesticides by colorimetry.
  • Aflatoxins: $150 – Sauron also seeks toxins B1, B2, G1, G2, Ochratoxin-a,  and reports on Total aflatoxins to less than 20ppm, and aflatoxin-B1 to less than 5ppm as required by HC.
  • Foreign Materials: $30 – Checking for physical sample contamination under microscope is pretty routine, but aiming for no hair, fluff, insects, spider webs is just good practice.
  • Moisture Content and Water Activity: $30 – Measuring the total water percentage by desiccation, or the free-water activity by moisture activity meter, let’s make sure that your samples hit their sweet spot and remain shelf-stable. 
  • Residual Solvents: $60 Our GC-FID headspace analysis is an ideal assay for residual solvent testing of extracts and isolates. Testing for propane, isobutane, butane, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, hexane, heptane, and pentane.

Depending on the number of tests per sample, results are typically available within a few business days.

Minimum Sample Sizes (per safety test)

Flower: 1 to 2 g (per safety test) | Oil/Concentrates/Extracts: 0.5 g or ml to 1 g or ml | Tinctures: 5 ml | Edibles: 5 to 10 g or units | Topicals: 5 ml



$549 – For reference purposes and not for Health Canada product release. A light version of the below Full Health Canada Panel, the Quality & Safety Screening is a sensible screening package meant for home growers. Heavy metals, aflatoxins, and common household pesticides are tested with a AOAC  colorimetric assays for a simple pass/fail result, and microbial tests include total aerobic bacteria, total yeast and mold, E. coli and Salmonella. 

Depending on the number of samples, results are typically available within 5  business days.

Minimum Sample Sizes

Flower: 10 g

Biomass: 20 g



$150 – PCR testing for Hops Latent Viroid, Lettuce Chlorosis Virus, Cannabis Cryptic Virus

$120 – PCR testing for Powdery Mildew

Yeah we do PCR testing too. We’ve actually processed over 411,623 PCR samples to date, but its a long story for another day.
Depending on the number of samples, results are typically available within 3-5  business days.


Minimum Sample Sizes

3 fan leaves from each plant:  One fan leaf from the top, middle, and bottom.
Smaller plants may require only two leaves.
We can also test seeds with 10 grams.


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