For those who chose the path of the cultivator, working with cannabis is a source of passion, love, reward, and hardship. The level of effort and dedication that goes into producing a market ready crop of cannabis is something that Canvas Labs takes very seriously.

We appreciate the responsibility for providing Health Canada compliance testing services for cannabis product release, and for providing information that guides producers’ business decisions.

Our excellent client care and lab practice, top-of-the-line equipment, and experience of working with more than sixteen-thousand cannabis samples allows us to confidently deliver fast, affordable, and consistent services.

How fast, affordable, and consistent you ask? It really depends on your needs! Contact us to see what kind of turnaround times, rates, and discount programs we can offer to your LP.


For those that live to tinker and innovate, creating new cannabis 2.0 products (extracts, infusions, edibles, topicals) is a source of challenge, inspiration, and delight. The persistence involved in a stable cannabis product formulation and preparation is something that the Canvas Labs team admires.

Testing for product development, optimization, and quality control informs product formulators on how to hit their targets and grow their businesses. Homogeneity and consistency testing indicates opportunities for gaining efficiencies, and final product testing ensures accurate consumer product labeling.

Our collaborative and accommodating approach to client care shines in this area, and makes Canvas Labs the perfect partner for product development support and 2.0 product QC.

How do you know we care about your products and business? Contact us or stop in to get to know each other, we’d love to chat or help troubleshoot!


For those who grow their own, cannabis is a source of medicine, self-reliance, hobby, and enjoyment. We are here to assist you in any way we can. Our services will help grade your crop, check for its safety, help the selection of favorite strains, and can help improve one’s growing techniques and overall programs. 

Canvas Labs is sensitive to the cost, time, and sacrifice involved in testing home grown cannabis. We certainly regret any waste of flower and request a bare minimum sample. Results on THC and CBD content only take a few days and we are quite happy to offer free shipping to get the sample to the lab.

Whether it’s your first time testing or not, we make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any question!


For the facilitators of trade, it’s all about the numbers. Using a reputable and unbiased third party lab to drive its decision making is the kind of savvy that makes a good vendor, broker, or sales representative stand out. 

Canvas Labs helps vendors zone in on strains to select as part of their portfolio. Independent third party testing provides reassurance to dealers that their vendor/broker has done its legwork and represents products from an informed position. 

We are happy to help ease the sticker shock of testing an entire portfolio of strains. Contact us and ask about our high-volume testing rates and breaks.